Mallard View Outdoors and the “Ice Eater” by Power House, Inc. have teamed up to bring the waterfowl hunter the ultimate tool for controlling ice. With a Mallard View Outdoors custom waterfowl stand, the “Ice Eater” will ensure that you can spend your time working birds, not breaking ice.

Our Reason:

I have tried many methods to control the ice like letting outboards run at night, using a tractor with a loader, and using four wheelers to try to keep the hole busted up. None of these options proved to be
efficient or economical.

One day while replacing the wheel bearings in my Polaris Ranger due to excessive water usage (breaking ice), I decided that there had to be a better way. I did my homework and decided to partner with Power House, Inc., the manufacturer of the original Ice Eater. We worked to come up with a waterfowl stand that could handle the tough conditions of waterfowling, yet be fully adjustable to accommodate just about any situation. I am proud to say that the Mallard View Outdoors waterfowl stand takes the Ice Eater to another level of usefulness.

Now waterfowlers have an affordable, mobile and ultra dependable way to keep their deeks moving, while never losing your hole to old Mother Nature. One may ask, just how does this ice Eater work? It pulls the warm water from below the ice (approx. 1400 gallons a minute) and circulates it. This water movement makes for the most lifelike decoy movement you can have, while keeping open water all at the same time.

The Mallard View Outdoors Ice Eater runs off AC current. Models range from 115 volts to 230 volts. If you do not have power to your pit or prefer to be mobile, then you need not worry. I will venture to say that half of the Ice Eaters are run off quiet, dependable inverter style generators. Generators in the mid 50 decibel range will not bother ducks or geese, proved by hunting over generators and ice eaters all season. Mallard View Outdoors decided to carry Honda generators so we could offer the waterfowler a complete package.

Sometimes freeze up comes early in the season or with a week or two left. Now instead of packing it in for the year, you can enjoy some of the best hunting of the season. It is hard to describe the action when you have open water and everyone else is frozen up. I think it’s called fantastic. If you want to always have lively decoy movement, and be able to forget about your hole freezing up, then you owe it to yourself and your trusty four legged friend to check into the Mallard View Outdoors Waterfowl Package, but don’t expect the ducks to forgive you any time soon. You now have a way to control Mother Nature in regards to ice and no wind