“Mallard View Ice Eaters put more ducks in the bag, yes.  Movement and commotion in the decoys always increases your odds.  But, that’s not why I love them so much.  I love them ’cause they salvage days in the season that Mother Nature would otherwise steal from us.  We’re only given so many days to duck hunt…our Mallard View Ice Eaters ensure we get to experience every one of them.  #stayinthegame”

Keith Allen
Lawyer & Team Banded Member

“Stillwater Outfitters is Colorado’s #1 guided goose and duck hunting service. We pride ourselves on being able to put birds in front of our clients no matter what weather Mother Nature brings. One of the huge tools in our arsenal comes from Josh and Melissa at Mallard View Outdoors and their Ice Eater. The weather in Colorado can change from 70 degrees one day to 10 below the next you have to be ready. The Mallard View Outdoors Ice Eater provides movement for our decoys when there is no wind during a hunt, but the biggest reason we use the Ice eaters if to keep our honey holes open when the temperatures drop to below freezing. We plug them in and they do an incredible job and keeping the water open no matter how cold or thick the ice is. Mallard View Outdoors helps to keep Stillwater Outfitters out in the blind when other guys have given up and went home! Great product and even better people!”

Travis Reininger
Stillwater Outfitters

“Some of the best hunts of the year come when things are freezing up and open water is in short supply.  With the Ice Eater, we have the ability to keep water open!  They are extremely easy to set up and mobile, absolutely priceless when it starts to get cold in our neck of the woods!”
Tony Vandemore
Habitat Flats

“When I went to the dock Saturday morning I had to chainsaw through the ice, I was not stout enough to bust through with a pick-ax. Within a day we had most of the dock melted away from the thick ice and then we adjusted the ropes. Within two days we were completely free and began melting away a “Safe Zone”.
My boat mechanic who took those pictures and lives nearby told me that when he shot those he was standing on the neighbors dock and you could feel the ice pulling on it as the ice was shifting and cracking. I am glad we moved swiftly.”


As a waterfowl hunter, we understand that some of our best memories are made when Mother Nature decides to turn down her thermometer. During the later part of the season, when the ice begins to form and the holes are harder for ducks and geese to get into, is when The Fowl Life crew comes alive. Whether the forecast calls for colder weather or we are surprised by a sheet of ice on our hole, the Mallard View Ice Eater ensures that we will stay in the game or be back in the game within a matter of minutes. From its effectiveness of keeping our favorite hunting holes open or making our entire decoy spread come alive with its ability to move water, the Ice Eater is always part of our hunt.

Memories, they are the most important part of our hunting legacy and Mallard View Outdoors helps us make them!

Chad Belding
Host of Benelli’s The Fowl Life
Banded Brands

The caption should read: “Josh Tichenor of Mallard View Outdoors resets an Ice Eater to continue melting ice at Middle Bar Farm.  The current created by two Ice Eaters consistently keeps more than an acre of water open in even the coldest temperatures.  The Ice Eaters can also be used to provide decoy movement on no-wind days.”

Wade Bourne

This was this morning. It was 17 degrees last night, 21 when I shot this photo. We killed 6 geese and 15 greenheads yesturday. I will send more photos with dead ducks and the hole in the background. That hole and the duck decoys are 20 yards from the pit. Those Big Foots are 45 yards. There is a 40 acre lake 250 yards up the draw/drainage to the right. We trenched our electricity from a cabin on the lake. The bean field behind our pit looks identicle to that across from us.


The picture were taken at 11:00 a.m and the temp had risen to 37 degrees.
The open water is about four times the size it was the day before when we had a low of 23.